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MISSION: To remain the partner of choice in Technical Service Delivery for the Oil & Gas sector in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.


STRATEGY: ACT provides a full range of metallic construction services - from boilers and pipelines to on-shore and off-shore chemical and petrochemical plant and electric power stations.

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LP Hoying provides the cathodic protection power supplies. Impressed current cathodic protection systems can be worthless if power source, or energy converter, is not durable, reliable or consumes excessive energy.

Certain “features” have become standard equipment for transformer rectifiers but the most important facets remain build quality, low maintenance and reliability.
Our solar power is a Reduced Energy at Night (REM) system which conserves output energy during the period when solar energy conversion is at its lowest point.

Dependable, well constructed power sources includes;
• Transformer Rectifiers
• Thermal Electric Generators
• Close Cycle Vapor Turbo generators
• Solar Power Units

Cosmi SpA operates in the mechanical construction field activities of industrial plant erection, construction and erection of oil and gas offshore structures and components of industrial plants (Vessels and columns)

Main Activities and Services:
>Construction, Assembly and Mechanical Maintenance
> Electro-instrumental Assembly and Maintenance
> Welding
> Painting and Insulation
> Non-Destructive Testing
> Procurement

IREM Group provides complete services in the field of design, supply, construction and maintenance of industrial plants.

Main Activities and Services
> Turn-key supplies
> Detailed Engineering
> Civil works
> Mechanical erection
> Electrical and instrumentation
> Skid assembly
> Storage Tanks
> Insulation
> Painting
> Commissioning and start-up activities
> Piping fabrication and erection
> Structural steel fabrication and erection
> Complete plant turn around

The StrongBack System consists of StrongBack tape in conjunction with GS561 and/or GS154, proprietary load transfer / coating agents. This combination of StrongBack products will effectively transfer the load from the corrosion pit to the composite StrongBack sleeve, eliminating moisture and oxygen migration under the sleeve when properly applied. Repair and coating of line is achieved in one procedure. The StrongBack System can be applied under water by diver without the need for a habitat in most instances.

Who Uses StrongBack?
Refineries chemical plants pipeline companies paper manufacturers utilities water treatment plants steel foundries nuclear plants marine industry port authorities offshore facilities.

StrongBack Applications:
*Pipe Reinforcement and Rehabilitation
* Abrasion Protection
* Corrosion Protection
* Pipe Leak Repair Encapsulation
* Structure Repair
* Dielectric Protection
* Duck Sealing


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